Monday, December 16, 2013

Saints Travel to St. Louis Only to take a Dump on Their Playoff Hopes

Caption the picture yourself, I'm too disgusted to bother.
My dog rolled around in some other neighborhood dog's crap the other day, and I got him all cleaned up. Since that makes me an expert in getting the layer of poo off of things, I can promise you that it's possible to wash the stains off this team no matter how permanently covered they look in our minds this morning. Just because it's possible, doesn't mean it's going to happen, so let's talk about the feces. I mean, could the Saints have made more of a turd out of their game yesterday?

The questions about this team being able to play on the road have mainly been centered on their inability to handle the elements. Well, they proved yesterday that they just flat out suck on the road, regardless of the conditions. In a half-empty Edward Jones Dome against a team that had already been eliminated from the playoffs, Drew Brees led the Saints to what is possibly their most deserved loss of the year. His two interceptions put the Saints behind the eight ball from the get go and his accuracy was garbage all night, save a few good throws. (He very easily could have ended the game with four or five picks.)

To have what is widely regarded as one of the NFL’s elite offenses blow like that when there wasn’t even crowd noise to deal with boggles my mind. I haven’t given up on this team, but I have changed my stance on “trap games.” I’ve said for years that there are only 17 weeks in the NFL season, therefore making it damn near impossible to overlook any team for any reason. The garbage product put on the field by the Saints – in all phases of the game – leads you to believe that they thought they could go up to St. Louis and win just by getting off the bus. They got punked, pushed around, had plays blown up before they were even called in the huddle. Top to bottom: everyone was garbage. And when I say top, I mean Sean Payton. It looks like we’re dealing with the 2008, inflexible, egomaniacal Payton who kept that year’s team mediocre. We all saw the footage of Ryan talking to Bill Johnson and Joe Vitt after being exposed (on which particularly embarrassing drive, I can’t remember) and he walked off saying, “Fuck that,” only to be followed by the Saints offense screwing the pooch to have a scene of Payton going over things with Brees. We saw the benching of Charles Brown, who admittedly deserved having his ass benched, and after seeing all of that, I asked myself, “Shouldn’t these meetings and benchings have taken place during team meetings and practice during the week leading into the game?”

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bills Will Be Immolated By The Saints

Rob Ryan: Got Some if You Need ItI’ve been absent from writing for a while now because I was required to use two different laptops to accomplish one task. I’m not going to go into details, but I’m the kind of moron who thinks he can just fix anything and nothing ever really needs to be replaced. Not anymore.

So, I guess, here goes nothing. I got this computer so that I would have the capability to actually write from home but all I’ve done up to this point is dick around with applications and the appearance of things in Windows 8.

Oh, how sweet it is to be able to do something like this from the comfort of my own home again and not have to force myself to write bits and pieces of things in between handling clients’ issues and making sales. Or showing up early in the morning with the intention of writing only to find that something catastrophic happened after I’d left for the day previously and would instead spend my allotted writing time taking care of business.

Now back to real life: Football.

The lowly Buffalo Bills are making the trek into the Mercedes Benz Superdome tomorrow. Feels like it’s been months since that Patriots debacle, doesn’t it?

I haven’t really paid any attention to the Bills other than their quarterback carousel. I never thought they were all that good of a team, although EJ Manuel did exceed the expectations I had for him. He looks to be a pretty good starting quarterback and there isn’t much more than that to be asked of a rookie.  Honestly, I haven’t even bothered to look up the stats to see how we match up against them for this Sunday’s game. I went on a killer fishing trip in Delacroix over the bye week and then had a crazy work week to boot. But those aren’t the real reasons that I didn’t do my homework. In reality, I didn’t do shit because I am still pissed about the way the Patriots game went down and it really took more of a psychological toll on me (more than I care to admit, for sure) than any loss in recent (regular season) memory. But, things are looking up. I’ve had a week filled with distractions and as I sit here watching crappy college football while typing on my new computer, I am getting pumped for tomorrow’s game.

Jimmy Graham may be out, but I think this is a game that he can probably afford to miss. If we can somehow manage to run the ball like we did against the Pats with the best results thus far until we abandoned it when we had the chance to ice the game, this should free up our receivers and Ben Watson – who is not that much of a drop off from Graham. And thank all things good that Lance Moore is back. I know there was a lot of bitching about his lack of productivity early in the season, but I think he may have been playing injured. Just look at how long he’s been out and ask yourselves if he may have had an injury or two that he was playing through.

All in all, I really do feel bad for the Bills. Coming into the dome facing a pissed off Saints team that just lost a tough game to a good team on the road, which may or may not have been decided by the many questionable calls all going against the road team. Most would think that the bye week means that the team has just put the Pats game behind them, and that’s surely what the players have been spouting to the media since, but that’s just not human nature. Shit hurts. It sticks with you. And when you have your first chance to go out and do something about it, what do you do? Leave questions unanswered? Hell no. You go out there and annihilate your opponent. It matters not what the situation is. Got fucked over at work? Girlfriend cheated like the whore that you secretly knew she was? Got arrested for some bullshit 10 year old traffic attachment? Yeah, you move on momentarily, but you make sure to get yours when the situation presents itself. Luckily for NFL players, that situation presents itself on a weekly basis, unless it’s January we’re talking about.

Go get yours, Jabari. We saw the tears in your eyes at your locker being interviewed in Foxborough. Say, Sproles, I’m not sure if you actually remember it happening because of how hard you got hit, though I’m sure you saw it on tape, but go out there and break someone’s ankles when they try to knock you out of the game and take that thing to the house.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. The Bills and the rest of the league probably think things are pretty cold since two weeks have passed since that bullshit against those Massholes, and the Saints are right for letting them think that it is. Because, come Sunday, that’s gonna be some hot-as-hell, straight out of the boil “I’m just testing ‘em, man. I know they gotta soak some more!” revenge that the Bills are just the unfortunate bastards who have to be on the receiving end of it.

SCORE PREDICTION: Saints 45-15 Bills (that's 5 field goals, for those of you thinking of other ways to get 15)

Go ahead and take that shit to the bank.

Who dat, y’all?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Post-Cards, Pre-Phins: Let's Not Shit Ourselves

Y'all saw that coming, right?

You weren't the least bit worried about any one phase of the Saints game after pulling a W out their asses in Tampa. You had already, after two weeks, come to rely on the Saints to be a stress reliever on Sunday afternoons. You knew, just KNEW, that this team was going to be 3-0 with a convincing win at home against the Max Hall-less Cardinals.

Oh, shut up. No you didn't.

There was just as much internet bickering over the past week as there was after 2 weeks of the 2012 campaign, and that team was being led by Aaron Kromer. It's Mark Ingram. It's the offensive line. Brees throws too many stupid interceptions. Lance Moore needs to step his game up. We never should have traded Chris Ivory. Meachumm???? They need to play Robinson.

Again, shut up.

The Truth, capital t, is that the Saints are 3-0. Two of those three being division wins and all three of them within the conference. The Truth is also that this Rob Ryan defense looks like the real thing. You can keep all the talk about not having faced a real test so far this year. Through three games (against three NFL teams) this Saints unit is a legit top five defense, having allowed only 7 points in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters of the past three games combined. Let that sink in for a minute. 9 combined quarters of football in three consecutive weeks. Not a single point allowed. Put that in your pipe, smoke it and then ask yourself why you're crying about who's doing what on offense. Screw the offense. So they haven't dropped 40 on anyone yet. So they'd run for a grand total of -2 yards into the second half against the Cards. So what? Since 2006, have any of your concerns about the offense ever stopped this team from winning? Exactly. Give it a rest before you hurt yourself and look even stupider.

The Saints owed me a solid against the Cards based on the events that occurred in my life on my way home from Austin, TX, following the Max Hall debacle of 2010. (Maybe one day I'll post the tangent and why I blame the Saints for it, but not feeling it just yet.) As I write this, I'm just glad they paid their debt and I don't have to carry that night with me anymore.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Drew Brees brought back the awesomeness that was (guess I should say IS) the 2009 pregame chant. He’s not the only one bringing back stalwarts from 2009. I have returned to my 2009 ritual 55 Fujita jersey and “Louisiana Logo” Saints hat. A few weeks ago, while coming in from a particularly bad fishing trip, Lake Pontchartrain ate my Saints hat from last year. At first I was all Falcons fan about it, but I quickly realized how easy it would be to blame all the crappy things that occurred last year on that hat. I’ve blamed that hat since. Feel free to blame the hat for anything you'd like. It's worked for me so far. There are a few people I believe should be on the bottom of that lake keeping that godforsaken hat company, but watching Saints games in jail is the worst.

I know superstitions are stupid and have absolutely no effect on the outcome of anything, but they make me feel good for some strange reason. And if this season ends up being one to remember, look out. I’ve been known to find meaning in the meaningless.

Looking forward: Miami Dolphins, Monday Night Football, in the Dome. Jon Gruden only being shown from the waist up so as not to expose the massive boner he has for even the most marginal special  teamer. Mike Tirico actually making sense. Drinking games going on all over the city, and maybe the country, contingent on the frequency with which the word “Katrina” or “Bounty” is used.

If Gruden hadn’t turned into such a damn muppet since getting out of the league, he may have just been the one face-flapper calling an NFL game to have the stones to catch his buddy Sean Payton’s back and take a shot here or there at Ol’ Rog. Oh well. Whatever.

Beating the crap out of the Dolphins at home on national television is more than likely but what will make it absolutely fantastic is the craptacular fashion in which the Falcons just managed to crap the bed, allowing people to consider this Dolphins team to be anything other than the fraud that they are. The Dolphins really are not that good. They just aren’t. They may be “on the rise” (#RiseUp) and a sexy pick right now to turn the world upside down by winning the AFC East, but let’s not forget that the Arizona Cardinals were 5-0 last year, and they pretty much suck balls.

Based on your generic yardage based stats that rank teams, the Dolphins rank 26th in total offense and 21st in total defense. On the other hand, the Saints rank 6th on offense and 5th on defense. If you add up the little check marks in all the ypg and ppg stats, T.O.P and 3rd down %, it's 7-4 Saints, with the Dolphins actually possessing the check mark for PPG and the Saints for rushing ypg.

The Dolphins have one legitimate OMGBEAST on their defense, Cameron Wake. What's that? He's out 2-3 weeks with a sprained MCL? You bet your sweet ass he is and I, for one, am pleased as punch to hear it. To Mr. "I want to beat them at full strength so there aren't any excuses": Bull. And you know it. There is no reason to pretend like you want anything but a win Monday night. Screw every other team and their injuries. It's not like the Saints don't have half of their starters from the beginning of training camp sidelined with a plethora of different injuries. Me? I hope every single team the Saints play for the remainder of the season is missing at least one key player and that weakness is exploited. There is no guy working for the NFL who is sitting there at the end of the season taking away home field advantage in the playoffs because a team won an ugly game or beat a team that was without their star player. That ain't how it works, and if you really believe this "I wanna beat them at their best" crap, I feel sorry for you. I'll be the nekkid guy mounted up on the statue at Wisner and Esplanade giving General Beauregard a reach around regardless of how we make it into the tournament come January.

The stat you'll hear more times than you'd care to this week: Sean Payton's record on Monday Night football at 9-2. As impressive as that is, the Saints have also won 8 straight in Monday night games, one of them without Sean Payton. This is really about to happen Monday night and something tells me it is going to be glorious. The New Orleans Saints backed by 70,000 people, louder and drunker than usual, against a team whose coach thinks calling someone a doo doo head is reason to be banished to infernal regions for eternity. Oh, hell yeah.

No matter if you were shitting yourself because you thought the Saints weren't as good as their 2-0 record after the Bucs or are presently shitting yourself because they're now 3-0 and on their way to the Super Bowl without bumps in the road (yes, it is possible to be/have been both) - let's not shit ourselves. 31-7 just happened and that's something worth enjoying with a Monday night game right around the corner.There's some saying about the forest and the trees, but I prefer to simply not shit myself. For the first time since the end of the 2011 season this team is fine.

Let’s just be grateful to be part of the mystery that is the moment before kickoff, and hope that it's enough.

Who Dat, y'all!

But where was it when I first heard a sweet sound of humility?
It came to my ears in the goddamn loveliest melody.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saints Look Good Heading into Tampa; Josh Freeman Doesn't

"These guys really suck.
Can't even hold the other team to less than 17?"


Here goes nothing. And I mean that. Leading up to last week’s game against the Falcons was something that just couldn’t get herer fast enough; something that you went to bed at night thinking about and woke up the next morning picking up where you left off. Playing Tampa just doesn’t do that you. You know why I think that is? I mean, they are a division rival just like Atlanta, but that organization from top to bottom hasn’t even pretended that they cared about winning since they dumped Gruden. It’s a damn shame, too, because they’ve had some pretty talented teams since that 2002 Super Bowl team. Oh well. Screw them.

Take one look at that Jets game and you’ll see why this should be something of zero consequence to the Saints. Granted, they would have won that game if it weren’t for one of their better defensive players being a total moron at exactly the most inopportune moment possible. The fact that the Jets were even in the game at that point shows you exactly how bad this Bucs team is.

Let’s talk Schiano a little here. There are conflicting reports about the captainship of Josh Freeman. Both of them are plausible if you look at his behavior, leadership and overall general demeanor over the past 4 seasons. How is it possible that into the start of his 5th season the dude is a fruit cake? Or that he has no accountability for when he leads his team into the cellar and takes all the credit when they win? Some reports are that Schiano stripped the captainship away from him and others are that the players simply didn’t vote him in as their leader. Either way, your team is about to be bent over if your quarterback isn’t a good enough football player or human being to be the leader of the offense. Good job coaching him up, Greg. Now go blitz the victory formation. Bucs fans would probably actually prefer “Ol’ Youngry” to this clown.

Other things that have been reported about the Bucs’ head coach lately. Unnamed players (pussies, put your damn name on it or don’t say anything at all) are saying that Schiano sucks as a coach and they aren’t even sure what he’s doing in the league. They question how someone who couldn’t even post an overall record above .500 got an NFL gig. They don’t like the fact that he’s a shitty coach or that he tries that “College Rah-Rah” bullshit in the NFL, where you’re dealing with professionals who make a lot more money than you do.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Saints vs. Falcons -- Who's Yo Daddy?

"Baby, I told you these shirts were a bad idea.
Now we gonna get clowned on Bourbon Street."
Remember this from last year? When the undefeated Atlanta Falcons came to the Mercedes Benz Superdome to beat up on the rudderless New Orleans Saints? The Saints with no head coach? The Saints with the prolifically woeful defense? The Saints who had discovered a formula for losing games in spectacular fashion that normally would have been won? You remember. How could you possibly forget?

Well, get ready for more of the same.

As for the game this Sunday, Vegas lists it as a push with the Saints -3 at home. The Falcons come into the season opener as the favorite to win the NFC South. Vegas also has decent odds on them to be Super Bowl Champions.  Just like they did last year. And the year before that.  

This has become a recurring theme with the Dirty Birds. They just cannot get it done.

The Falcons have made one legitimate off-season acquisition that should cause some Saints fans to worry. #39. Steven Jackson. Even though he is 72 years old (football years, RB) there is no denying that this man had been kryptonite to the Saints when playing in St Louis. Jackson has faced the Saints 5 times and averaged 5.1 ypc and a rushing TD per game (22 carries/112ypg). Tack on another 5 catches for 32 ypg and there is no denying that this is the man to stop. The Saints are 2-3 against the Steven Jackson led Rams while they are 6-3 against the Falcons with Michael Turner (who is filling up his newly-found free time eating by Cheetos and playing Sega Dreamcast, as I was told by a source) as the team’s primary rusher. 

The good news in all of this? The Falcons Offensive Line is patchwork and pretty much stinks. For some reason, their front office was cool with letting Tyson Clabo hit the market regardless of the fact that he was a really good tackle. After Todd McClure retired they just slid Peter Konz over to Center. Sam Baker is an OK Left Tackle, so there wasn’t much to worry about after he put together a solid performance last season. Garrett Reynolds moved into Konz’s spot at Left Guard and he’s played a game or two in the league. At the start of training camp Falcons fans were ready to see Mike Johnson prove their front office right in letting Clabo walk. Well, Johnson pretty much lost his kneecap (heard he still hasn’t found it) and broke his leg in camp and was replaced by 2nd year player, Lamar Holmes. 

The 2012 Falcons Offensive Line had a combined 457 NFL starts at the end of last season. This 2013 unit that will be trotting out onto the field Sunday, 174 combined NFL starts. That’s math that even Roger Goodell can do.

Speaking of Goodell, Payton’s back. Since 2006, the Saints dominate the Falcons with an impressive 11-3 record. (10-2 with Payton actually coaching the team, but whatever, the past is the past. Right?)  A couple of running game related stats to keep in mind when looking at this matchup: 7-0 when outrushing the Falcons; 7-0 when holding the Falcons to under 100 yards rushing. We’ll find out Sunday if Sean Payton was preaching the gospel when he said there will be a renewed focus on the running game this year. Lord knows we kept enough running backs on the final 53 to do just that.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trade Down From 15 and Still Draft a Pass Rusher?

First things first: I know that Mickey Loomis drafts BPA and has no history of trading back, but wouldn't this be the kind of year to do something a little different? Shake things up a little?

The draft is all about value and we won't know who, if anyone, values our pick until the draft starts playing itself out. Here is a link to the NFL draft value chart. I'm not big on predicting draft day trade scenarios but there are quite a few teams out there with a plethora of picks this year. And who knows, maybe one of those teams wants #15.

So what would we do if we traded back out of #15 into the late first or even out of the first altogether?
Well, if we were to trade into the second, This guy will be as good as whoever's there at 15. Sure he doesn't have the flash and the hype surrounding him that Jones, Mingo, Jordan, et al have, but this man can play. 10 sacks and 20 TFL last year. Those numbers are right up there with all the lead dogs in this draft, but You don't hear much about Collins from pretty much anyone. That's good news is the Saints are in a trade down to the second kind of situation. (If there is a partner, that is.)

This year's draft is so loaded with defensive play makers that it's a little ridiculous. Offense, not so much. Those poor teams in need of a quarterback might as well pick one up off the street rather than overdraft this group of late-rounders. To be quite clear on this, I do not care what position the Saints draft so long as it's a guy who can get after the friggin quarterback.

Seems that I'm hearing a lot of this new mindset:
"We picked up Butler and gave Galette a long-term deal, with Wilson in the mix we don't need to get a pass rusher with our first." 
And upon hearing that, those who remember watching the Dome Patrol literally abuse opposing offenses think to themselves:
"Well, shucks. These guys must be right. We picked up one of Ryan's guys who's an average player and have two unknowns with high ceilings...might as well consider ourselves set in the pass rushing department and draft Drew's future replacement or a wide receiver at 15 and call it a day."
Yeah, I just don't buy that anyone on this team's defense is 100% safe in their starting role right now besides Cam Jordan and Curtis Lofton. And nor should they be. You all saw what they did last year. They all blew it on a rather consistent basis and didn't even resemble an NFL defense at times. That 41-0 shutout of the Bucs being their stand out performance of the year.

Be it a 5-tech defensive end or a WOLB, a hard hitting safety, etc., that's where the Saints' focus should be. Defense, for f**k's sake.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No Matter What Happens, People Will Still Be Pissed. Period.

So, it's April. Draft time. There's a plethora of arguments gong around as to what exactly it is that the Saints need. There should be no argument. It's obvious. We need defense. We've had one of the best offenses in the league since Payton got here. Even had a damn good one last year. (Minus the dropsies from Colston and Graham, Joe Morgan not catching til week 10, and some of the ugliest, soul crushing interceptions in some of the biggest games of the year from Drew Brees, that offense MAY have been able to make some noise in the playoffs despite the defenseless defense.

Welp, time to turn the page. You all know what has already gone down so far this off-season with the Ryan hiring and the free agent acquisitions so I'm not going over them again. We're going to take a look at the draft and see what's what with who, what, where and why we could or would draft someone.

I'm not some draft guru, so I use the regular sites out there just like you guys, therefore you may have read some of the things I post.


My take: Saw him play quite a bit this year because he's in the SEC. He was obviously their best defensive player on the field. Didn't look that big to me, but sure looked good getting after the quarterback or making people pay. It's been reported that he's not a "workout guy" and it kind of shows just but the way he looks on the field. You know what he does look like though? A god damn football player. Personally, I couldn't care less how many reps on the bench he can do or how fast he can run forty yards and you know why? Absolutely none of that matters while the game is being played. Dude is a hell of a pass rusher, not scared to take on runners head-on, and straight up looks good out there. Period. (Minus the jersey number. Always hate seeing things like defensive linemen wearing numbers in the 20's)

Walterfootball's take (excerpt):
Jones should be a pass-rushing demon and a phenomenal edge-rusher in the NFL. He fires up field off the snap and is extremely hard for offensive linemen to get a hold of. Jones has good hands to fight off blocks with moves to get around linemen. While he isn't a power player, he uses some functional strength along with his athleticism to shed blocks. 

Jones is a heat-seeking missile in pursuit. He is great at chasing down quarterbacks and running backs from behind. Jones is always cognizant of the ball and does a great job of slapping it out to force turnovers. He was a sack-fumble machine in college. While Jones does not have blazing speed, he is football fast and that was clear with how he dominated the SEC. 

There are a few areas Jones needs to improve for the pros. He needs more strength to hold up against runs that come directly at him. That would also help him to avoid some missed tackles. 

Scouts at the East-West Shrine told that Jones would slide on draft day because it was their belief he would test poorly before the draft and isn't a hard worker in the weight room. The scouts said that watching the game tape, Jones is worthy of being a high first-round pick, but they didn't feel he will go that high. That prediction was validated in the months to come. Jones declined to work out at the Combine and had an ugly showing at his pro day with a terrible 40-yard dash time between 4.9 and 5.0 seconds. spoke with scouts who were in attendance at the pro day, and they said he did well in the linebacker drills, but really struggled in the timed tests. Scouts said that Jones isn't a bad teammate or a bad guy, but he isn't a guy who coaches will love during the week because he doesn't put in a lot of work. However, scouts said they loved the way he showed up on game day. 

Jones could be an elite pass-rusher at the next level. If he goes to a good organization and coaching staff that can motivate him, he could be an absolute force. If Jones lands with a bad team that has frequent coaching changes and instability, there is the potential for him to not pan out. With the workout concerns and the neck injury, he could easily fall to the middle of the first round. 
New Orleans at No. 15 makes a lot of sense. The Saints need an edge-rusher for their change to the 3-4. Jones could easily go to New Orleans. Duh (*emphasis added) 
Jarvis Jones Walterfootball


My take: I'm not going to lie. I didn't watch him play much this year. I don't care if they are now in the SEC, they're still Missouri. Once the college bowl season ended and this kid's name started popping up everywhere, I decided to watch a little :gamefilm: (aka youtube highlights) on him. What I learned: he's strong, he's fast, he's big, he plays hard in all situations and looks like he could really be the real deal in the NFL. I don't care how many successful first round defensive tackles there have been over the years and I would be hesitant to take one if I were Loomis, and I think we all know why. Jonathan Sullivan. God, the ol' stomach starts turning just at the mention of his name. Ellis lovers will tell you that he was good enough to start for us for five years, so there shouldn't be any worries going defensive tackle in the first. Really, Mrs. Ellis? He was the 7th overall pick and couldn't even make an impact in a contract year and isn't even listed on most free agent trackers. At least he bought some cool cars.

Back to Richardson. I don't want him at 15. I just look at the top 32 players in this draft and there has to be someone there at 15 who could be more of an impact than Richardson. Trade back into the 20's? OK, then that's cool. Just don't see Loomis all of a sudden going rogue to trade back. Never has been the man's M.O. Would I be swimming in a bottle of bourbon if we did take him at 15? No. There's a reason I don't work for the Saints and Walter has some pretty good things to say about him.

Walterfootball's take (excerpt):
Richardson finished the year second on Missouri in tackles with 75. He registered 10.5 tackles for a loss, four sacks, three passes broken up and three forced fumbles. too. Richardson also returned a fumble 60 yards against Kentucky. The Tigers did not qualify for a Bowl game, and the junior quickly declared for the 2013 NFL Draft. He recorded 37 tackles, eight tackles for a loss, two sacks and a forced fumble in 2011. 

Missouri used Richardson at defensive end and tackle. He had success as a pass-rusher at end as well as at tackle. Richardson beat Alabama right tackle D.J. Fluker for a sack coming from end, and is a much better pass-rusher than his sack totals indicate. Richardson had 14 tackles against Alabama. He was impressive going against the Crimson Tide's superb offensive line. 

Against Kentucky's Larry Warford, Richardson didn't make plays versus the tough guard but found a way to have a big impact versus the Wildcats' other linemen. 

Richardson could be a dangerous pass-rusher in the NFL as a three-technique defensive tackle in a 4-3 defense. He also could play end on run downs and move inside to tackle in passing situations for a 4-3 system. Richardson also would fit as a 3-4 defensive end given his length, speed and great motor. He is an impact player who is a three-down player and tone-setter for a defense. Richardson is a fiery player who has some potential to be a leader in the locker room.
The Saints would be a great fit for Richardson, too. He could play defensive end in potential running situations and move inside to tackle on pass plays. Richardson would be a huge upgrade for New Orleans' defensive line, and the team badly needs a player like him on defense.
Sheldon Richardson Walterfootball

Just glad that football is right around the corner. I mean drinking too much on a Sunday just isn't the same without some football on tv or at the dome acting a fool.

Good things to come.