Friday, April 13, 2012


Look around the landscape of the NFL and ask yourself how many teams you would you rather be a fan of heading into the 2012 season. The NFC South? L-O-fucking-L! NFC West? Not much there other than the 49ers and Alex Smith, who I am confident will slump after that freakish streak of good luck last year. NFC East? The Giants just overachieved their way to a Championship. Good for them. I'd take this Saints roster in a heartbeat over Eli Manning and company any day of the week. That leaves the North. Yeah, Green Bay is good and I always have found it hard to hate them, with the exception of that smug discount double check motherfucker. He can go fly a kite.

No disrespect to the good teams of the AFC, and there are a few in Baltimore, New England, Pittsburgh, and Houston (Denver has every right to think they are going to be great with Peyton Manning this year but I'm going to have to wait to see them on the field before I crown them as the team to beat.) but I am a Saints fan and an NFC guy. Besides, 3 straight Superbowls have been won by the NFC team and until that changes, the NFC is obviously where it's at.


Honestly, the reason I even started writing this blog was because of the complete and utter douche baggery of the "writers" and "journalists" out there giving each other e-high-fives on twitter and facebook for the "articles" they have written where they parrot each others' nonsensical bullshit and tow the company line of the NFL; feigning outrage about something like a pay for performance program existing in the NFL and acting like football isn't a game that always has been a bunch of jacked up motherfuckers on the field trying to hit each other as hard as possible with the intention of instilling the fear of God into their opponents as a means of ultimately achieving their goal. That being said, it will probably get worse before it gets better. Once the player suspensions are handed down, there will be a whole new round of Jeff Duncan requesting a reach around from Peter King. My only hope is that once Training Camp starts this will become nothing but a background story to the actual happenings of football.


Especially this year. I hope Drew Brees breaks his own passing yards record in Atlanta in a blowout game that ends with a sack fumble where Big Sed rips Matt Ryan's head off and shits down his neck. I hope Roman Harper mauls Steve Smith on the first play from scrimmage and relentlessly keeps it up for the entire game. Josh Freeman's trash talking ass better keep his head on a swivel because Malcolm Jenkins is looking for him.

Remember this from Zach Strief?

"This season is going to take on an us-versus-the-world mentality. The perception at this point is not very positive with us. We've worked very hard, I know as players, to gain respect, not only as a good team but as a good group of guys. that perception will go completely out the window now, and I think that'll kind of be a rallying cry for us. It will give us a chance to come closer together than we've ever been and say, 'Look, nobody even wants us to win anymore, and we're going to win for each other, for coach Payton and Mickey and the guys that essentially took this fall.'"

Look out. As if this team wasn't scary enough before they had extra motivation.


There will be no drop off. This is Drew's baby. His show. Every single player on this offense under Drew has done his job at a consistently at a high level for years. This isn't me acting like a little boy scared of the dark whistling to keep up my flagging spirits. This is the truth. This is fact. Anyone who watched just the playoff loss last year saw an offense that overcame tremendous adversity (some self inflicted); an offense that had punched their ticket to the NFC Championship game only to have their dreams dismantled by the sheer stupidity and arrogance of Gregg Williams and his idiotic blitz and man coverage schemes.


Will get done. Does anyone actually believe that Brees will end up sitting out the year or that Loomis is too stupid to get the deal done? With any and everything that may be questionable for the coming season, this is the one thing I am not worried about. Read Drew's book if you haven't, and if you have, read it again. One thing he was adamant about was not letting your competition see the field. No matter how any of us feel about Chase Daniel's ability to win games or even make completions matters little. Drew knows that he loses ground in his bargaining position if Daniel takes wins just a few games. The deal will get done. Period.


Excitement. That's what I feel when I contemplate the new look of the defense. I was tired of seeing blitzes that never got home, Malcolm Jenkins left covering the whole field, the Shanle always being "around" the play, Roman Harper at the line of scrimmage, and so on  and so forth. Not a Sunday went by where I didn't say to myself, "Oh, look! Our corners are playing twelve yards off! Woo-hoo! Another blitz coming!"

The hype of Steve Spagnuolo coming in to take the reins of this defense may have been overshadowed immensely by the wake of Gregg Williams' shenanigans but that doesn't mean that he will be any less pivotal to the success of the Saints moving forward into the upcoming season. Looking at his resume' from the last time he was a defensive coordinator, there is no denying that this guy lights a fire under his players and gets them to play as one cohesive unit. With the linebacking additions to this Saints team, there is no longer such a glaring deficiency. The word coming from Spags' former players is that they love playing for the guy. No reason to think it would be any different at this juncture.

All defensive players are programmed from the time they pick up the game to kill. To hit their opponents harder and harder with each shot. There has never been anything wrong with laying someone out with a legal "kill shot" until this whole mess started. If players weren't happy about the picture being painted of our defensive mindset, would we have signed 4 big free agents on that side of the ball? Didn't think so.

3 new linebackers (finally.) Bunkley and his glorious neck. Martez Wilson in his second year. Romeus actually seeing some action. This will be the year that we find out whether it's been talent or scheme that has been the problem with the D.


The general consensus seems to be that he is a moron, can't coach and that it's a huge mistake to hand the team over to him considering his upcoming suspension. We've all heard numerous rumors about the plan for the interim interim head coach who will take his place during the suspension. As of yesterday, the latest rumor is that Aaron Kromer, offensive line coach and running game coordinator, will be sliding into the role of head coach during Vitt's 6 week hiatus. Sounds good to me. There's a lot of discussion about things like continuity and leadership and player respect going on around the topic of switching coaches. Well, when the story originally broke about Bill Parcells' interest in coaching the team in Payton's absence, it was reported that there was a meeting of coaches and nobody wanted to volunteer for the job. Carmichael said he wanted to focus solely on the offensive game plan. Spagnuolo said he hadn't even installed his defense and wasn't up to it. Kromer said that he wouldn't lobby for the job. So, with Parcells wanting to keep his free time focused on bleaching his hair something had to be done.

Vitt will maintain order up until the regular season starts and then pass the torch to Kromer. No biggee. I don't think there's much that Kromer won't be willing to do. He told Olin Kreutz to pack his bags last year and demoted Carl Nicks to second team for not playing all out in practice during training camp. Anyone think this guy doesn't have what it takes to keep the ship from sinking for 6 weeks? After that, he gives it back to Vitt who apparently knows where all the bodies are buried in this organization having been the assistant head coach throughout his tenure here. Apparently he is well respected and often, in his role as assistant head coach, has made a habit of giving Saturday night speeches to the whole team. And, you know what? Fuck it. He's Payton's guy and if Payton thinks he's the guy to be runnin' thangs, so be it.



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Come to New Orleans: Eat, Drink, and Leave in Tears

Christ Almighty! Are we there yet? Every year, when it comes to football, April takes forever but this is getting ridiculous. There is nowhere to turn. Every single Saints related "article" has turned into nothing but a feeding frenzy and/or circle jerk. Well, you know what? He who laughs last laughs the loudest. All of you who think this is oh so funny and entertaining and what to question the integrity and moral compass of everyone involved in this from Gregg Williams to Drew Brees, keep laughing. Keep calling the Saints cheaters and putting down the fans. Keep taking shots at our city, our culture, our families, friends and team. And when your team travels to New Orleans to play in the dome, come on down. When you're no longer behind your computer screen leaving comments on Pro Football Trash, you won't be talking like that and even if you do, it matters not to us. We will make sure you enjoy your stay, have a great time, spend a lot of money, and leave the dome crying like you should. Karma is patient, and we will get ours.

I don't care who you are, what you do, where you live, etc., if you love this team like most Saints fans do, there is an anger and resentment brewing deep withing that will be unleashed in the 3 hours of temporary insanity known as a home game in the Superdome. Come kickoff, our differing opinions on who the "temporary" head coach should be, or who is the bad guy is in the Brees negotiations or any other ridiculous point of consternation we have faced throughout the offseason will matter not. We will scream. We will unleash the pent up anger that we have held inside since Gregg Williams blew the playoff game against San Francisco.

Takes one to know one, and it looks like we've got it pretty bad.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Offseason Blues

Well, there's no denying that the Saints have made this an off season to remember. Drew Brees' contract - or lack thereof. The NFL "releasing" the information about the bounty scandal right at the start of Free Agency. The suspensions of Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis and Joe Vitt. Signing Marques Colston to a bargain contract. Carl Nicks? Who's that? Hello, Ben Grubbs. Broderick Bunkley's neck is here to give Roman Harper's a run for its money. Lofton, Hawthorne, Chamberlain...we got this. Then the Bill Parcells drama. Big Tuna in the Big Easy!!! Squeeeeee!!!!! The appeals and the suspensions being upheld. "We didn't need the distraction of Parcells anyway." And so it continues...

And here we are, a couple weeks out from the draft and I couldn't be more ambivalent about the upcoming season. Half of me buys into the "it's us against the world" mentality that led the Patriots to their undefeated, yet ultimately disappointing, season that followed the Spygate fiasco. The other half of me wants to go outside, look up, and make sure the sky is still there. So that's how I feel and I'm certain it's not just me. In the face of all the destruction facing this franchise throughout this off season, moves have been made that have been the  fantasies of many a Saints fan's wet dreams since the Dome Patrol Era. What we need now is a sense of normalcy.

Drew Brees. This guy has been priority #1 since the loss to the 49ers but still remains unsigned. I have faith that this deal will get done before the situation reaches a critical mass. There is no reason to believe that Loomis, a man who has stated that he will be out of a job if he fails to sign Brees, cannot make this happen. Look at his record. Loomis hasn't let a single player get away that we wanted to keep, much less someone of Drew Brees' caliber. That's good enough for me. If that's not good enough for you, cool. Keep on keeping on with the "Drew Brees is greedy and needs to shut up and eat a Jimmy John's!" and "Loomis is a moron. He should pay Brees whatever he wants!" nonsense if it makes you sleep better at night.

Head coach. I don't care. I really don't. Sure, it would have been nice to have Bill Parcells come in here for a year to win a Superbowl with his padawan's team, but such is life. Not happening. We'll be fine. Take a look at what we've got. Carmichael and Spagnuolo will do their job. Our team was showing up to organized workouts during the lockout last year. So let Joe Vitt be an extension of Payton through the preseason followed by 6 weeks on the beach before he takes the reins back from whoever handles press conferences and throws red flags in his absence.

Get those two things settled and we can tell ESPN to shove that SAINTS banner on their ticker where it belongs. Jeff Duncan will be out of garbage to spew and won't be able to retweet Peter King or Mike Florio tweeting a link to some drivel he wrote bashing the Saints because he will return to his usual state of mediocrity and irrelevance.