Thursday, April 12, 2012

Come to New Orleans: Eat, Drink, and Leave in Tears

Christ Almighty! Are we there yet? Every year, when it comes to football, April takes forever but this is getting ridiculous. There is nowhere to turn. Every single Saints related "article" has turned into nothing but a feeding frenzy and/or circle jerk. Well, you know what? He who laughs last laughs the loudest. All of you who think this is oh so funny and entertaining and what to question the integrity and moral compass of everyone involved in this from Gregg Williams to Drew Brees, keep laughing. Keep calling the Saints cheaters and putting down the fans. Keep taking shots at our city, our culture, our families, friends and team. And when your team travels to New Orleans to play in the dome, come on down. When you're no longer behind your computer screen leaving comments on Pro Football Trash, you won't be talking like that and even if you do, it matters not to us. We will make sure you enjoy your stay, have a great time, spend a lot of money, and leave the dome crying like you should. Karma is patient, and we will get ours.

I don't care who you are, what you do, where you live, etc., if you love this team like most Saints fans do, there is an anger and resentment brewing deep withing that will be unleashed in the 3 hours of temporary insanity known as a home game in the Superdome. Come kickoff, our differing opinions on who the "temporary" head coach should be, or who is the bad guy is in the Brees negotiations or any other ridiculous point of consternation we have faced throughout the offseason will matter not. We will scream. We will unleash the pent up anger that we have held inside since Gregg Williams blew the playoff game against San Francisco.

Takes one to know one, and it looks like we've got it pretty bad.

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