Monday, October 29, 2012

Man, Fuck That Game.

"Why bother?"
Man, fuck that game.

From top to bottom, start to finish, there was not a single thing about that game that could be considered a positive. Nothing.

"But did you see how great Morstead was punting the ball?"

Stop it. Just shut up. If the fact that Morstead's 50 yard average on eight punts is all there is to be said about the game, then we sucked balls. And we did. There is no denying it. Every single facet of the game. Drew Brees was off. Every receiver dropped important passes. We didn't even try to run the ball consistently. The defense looked even more craptacular than usual. What the fuck do you mean "we weren't going to call any audibles?" Against the audiblingest quarterback of all fucking audiblers? Seriously? Cutback run after cutback run to the strong side and dump off after dump off to the uncovered no name tight end. How could it get any worse than it was last night? Make a starting linebacker and the only run clogging defensive tackle on the team inactive to have 5, that's FIVE, running backs active. Stellar fucking plan!

Can it get any worse than it was last night? The logical part of me wants to say that it can't but we are not dealing with logic here. We're dealing with the la-la-land version of the New Orleans Saints. We went from shock and awe last year to shock and awful this year. For the remaining 9 games of this season we will continue to be force fed this garbage starting at the top. When the Saints were 0-3 someone on ESPN said, "The Saints are done. They're waiting on Joe Vitt to get back to save their season. When has anybody ever said they're waiting on Joe Vitt?" As much as I hated hearing it then, that asshole was right.

Take a look at this box score from last night and tell me what you see that is encouraging. I'll wait.

The fact of the matter is, no matter how you look at it or try to justify it, the is the worst defense in the history of the football. And they are getting worse! Three weeks in a row we held teams to 7 second half points with the scheme we were running and instead of sticking with it we bench two defensive starters on a defense that doesn't have many starters to begin with. This is Crazy Town!

We've all wanted to see more Akiem Hicks (the lone bright spot from the lackluster efforts of last night) and Martez Wilson and we were given half of that equation. Whoever they are, if they're the best players, they need to be on the field. End of story.

I don't have any answers. I'm a fan. I shouldn't. But neither does the Saints coaching staff and that is truly frustrating. I'm not in with the OMG FIRE SPAGZ!!! crowd, but only because it would solve nothing. If our defense consistently gets donkey punched next year, then, hey, go for it. Was anyone actually surprised by the output of the Broncos offense? I know I wasn't. I was expecting a  42-35 coin flip outcome.

I feel sick.

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