Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Falcons Owned By Saints: Business As Usual

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The Saints are to the Falcons what the 49ers used to be to the Saints in the old NFC. The Falcons deserve misery like no other. There are no two ways about it, and 11-2 record over the last 13 games officially qualifies the Falcons as the Saints whipping boys. They talk a big talk, but can't score from the one yard line.

Falcons receiver Rodney White seems to think that the Saints didn't go out there and actually, you know, win the game, but rather the Falcons "gave it to them". What a sad, sad, sideshow Rodney has become. He still puts up big numbers and makes plays week in and week out, but the trouble is: he just can't shut his mouth.

Following their first loss of the season and making such outrageous claims about the Falcons pedigree to go undefeated, you would think that White wouldn't be looking to give the Saints motivation for the next match up in just three weeks. But, alas, White is a clown and just doesn't get it.

Safety Thomas DeCoud knows the truth. He gets it.

"That's one team you don't want to have your first loss to," Atlanta safety Thomas DeCoud said.

A moment before, as reporters stood feet away, DeCoud was talking to a few other defensive backs.

"The bandwagon is over," said DeCoud, who then mumbled something about how the crowd at the Georgia Dome next Sunday probably will be filled with fans of the Arizona Cardinals.


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