Monday, November 26, 2012

That Shit Kinda Hurt

Raffy! Raffy! Raffy!
After three grueling days of fevered insults from a God unknown, I settled in to watch the Saints trounce the niners in a nationally televised game at my dad's house. Up 14-7 with little time left in the first half, my fever broke and I started getting sticky with sweat only to realize that Drew Brees' fuckfaced interception for 6 is what broke my fever. Yay! Booooo! Fuck.

So, with the fever gone, I convinced myself, selfishly I might add, that the pick 6 was for my benefit and since the fever was now gone, I could actually enjoy what was to occur in the second half. Well. Damn you, Drew Brees and your 14 foot high tipped pass to Marques Colston that not only nearly got him killed but also was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. I want the fever back, with a 6 in the 'W' column. Not happening. So be it.

Whatever. I'm still mad too. At all kinds of shit. The Randy Moss OPI that wasn't called that would have been an interception that didn't hurt too bad because they kicked a field goal anyway? Yeah, fuck that shit. The replay shows douche bag line judge just looking directly at Jenkins getting spun around, only to be all "nothing to see here...move along." The Joe Morgan OPI call where he pulled the defenders arm to save an interception after being pushed to the ground? Garbage. Stinky, smelly, Good Friday Crawfish Boil garbage.

Fuck it. Even with all the calls going against us, we still could have won if, Good Drew had shown up instead of Bad Drew.

"Don't kill me, guys. Won't happen again."
That's ok. This kinda shit happens to guys who throw balls into tight spaces with amazing accuracy on a regular basis. After the touchdown pass to Colston up the seam between what had to be three defenders I told my dad that I didn't think 80% of quarterbacks would have the balls to throw that pass. Having the balls to throw that pass is why we got the What the Fuck interceptions for touchdowns. Is it ok? It's ok, right? Tell me it's ok. Pretty please? Screw you. It is ok. I've learned to live with the really bad interceptions that will sometimes cost us games because of how damn good he is in 90% of his appearances.

There was more to take away from that game last night that very well might be lost in the emotion of the loss, but let's not disregard the fact that the defense allowed less points than our offense scored, which will win most games.

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