Monday, December 16, 2013

Saints Travel to St. Louis Only to take a Dump on Their Playoff Hopes

Caption the picture yourself, I'm too disgusted to bother.
My dog rolled around in some other neighborhood dog's crap the other day, and I got him all cleaned up. Since that makes me an expert in getting the layer of poo off of things, I can promise you that it's possible to wash the stains off this team no matter how permanently covered they look in our minds this morning. Just because it's possible, doesn't mean it's going to happen, so let's talk about the feces. I mean, could the Saints have made more of a turd out of their game yesterday?

The questions about this team being able to play on the road have mainly been centered on their inability to handle the elements. Well, they proved yesterday that they just flat out suck on the road, regardless of the conditions. In a half-empty Edward Jones Dome against a team that had already been eliminated from the playoffs, Drew Brees led the Saints to what is possibly their most deserved loss of the year. His two interceptions put the Saints behind the eight ball from the get go and his accuracy was garbage all night, save a few good throws. (He very easily could have ended the game with four or five picks.)

To have what is widely regarded as one of the NFL’s elite offenses blow like that when there wasn’t even crowd noise to deal with boggles my mind. I haven’t given up on this team, but I have changed my stance on “trap games.” I’ve said for years that there are only 17 weeks in the NFL season, therefore making it damn near impossible to overlook any team for any reason. The garbage product put on the field by the Saints – in all phases of the game – leads you to believe that they thought they could go up to St. Louis and win just by getting off the bus. They got punked, pushed around, had plays blown up before they were even called in the huddle. Top to bottom: everyone was garbage. And when I say top, I mean Sean Payton. It looks like we’re dealing with the 2008, inflexible, egomaniacal Payton who kept that year’s team mediocre. We all saw the footage of Ryan talking to Bill Johnson and Joe Vitt after being exposed (on which particularly embarrassing drive, I can’t remember) and he walked off saying, “Fuck that,” only to be followed by the Saints offense screwing the pooch to have a scene of Payton going over things with Brees. We saw the benching of Charles Brown, who admittedly deserved having his ass benched, and after seeing all of that, I asked myself, “Shouldn’t these meetings and benchings have taken place during team meetings and practice during the week leading into the game?”